Home Remodeling

“I am sure you were aware of the considerable trepidation I felt when we signed our contract with Divisions Unlimited for the renovation of our new home. Being 1000 miles from the construction site was a cause of considerable concern. However my considerable angst was for naught. You and your crew did a truly outstanding job and I wanted to let you know how much it was appreciated.

I have been through several significant renovations in the past and never had one gone so well. You delivered a quality job, finished it on time and within the established budget. It’s a tribute to your ability, commitment and professionalism.

I thought our task was daunting, you made it seem easy. Thank you for a job extremely well done.”Francis Duffy, Boston, MA

Many home remodeling projects have incredible potential to change a house into a dream home. Taking the time to locate the ideal residential contractor for your home improvement needs is a crucial step to a successful and long-lasting end result. Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project, a bathroom renovation or a home addition, your contractor is the key to your home remodeling success. Professional contracting services ensure that a quality plan is in place, ensuring all clients’ needs are met headlong and eliminating any potential problems before they become major issues.

Kitchen remodeling is one of the biggest needs of homeowners today. Houses that are products of new home construction, though often based on modern design principles, don’t necessarily fit the exact specifications of homeowners. Clients with outdated homes often realize a dire need for remodeling house plans to suit specific living situations, creating a personalized blueprint that includes necessary changes to suit each individual household. Bathroom remodeling is another popular requirement from modern households today. This type of home improvement can yield dramatic results for homeowners, maximizing on space, function and aesthetic. Bathroom remodeling has evolved greatly over the years with many new and exciting designs available.  Other remodeling projects that can boost lifestyle potential include finishing or renovating basements, adding a home theater, remodeling master suites, and laying brand new flooring.

The most important step in planning a home remodeling project, whether large or small, is to examine your needs. Not even the most successful home remodeling team can make these imperative decisions. Divisions Unlimited will help homeowners expand on initial ideas once they are established, helping to formulate a plan that meets specific needs while reaching maximum potential. For instance, in a kitchen remodeling project, you may know you need extra storage, more square footage and more workable space. What you won’t necessarily know is how to incorporate those aspects into a home improvement plan. This is where the design build process comes in when working closely with your contractor.

Home additions are a fantastic way to add space to your home, create a room with a specific function and add significant value to your property. The added room could be used as a master bedroom, multi-media room, a mud room or a multi-use space. The advantages of remodeling your home to suit your needs are often far greater than purchasing a new home that may not meet each of your current needs. The design build process keeps the client at the forefront at all times, creating a distinct and customized plan that affords every lifestyle and situation a personalized retreat.

Remodeling house plans can also mean adding a few feet to an existing space, creating a large, picturesque bay window in a bedroom or great room, adding dormers to expand a second or third story space or other endeavors that will make your home more livable. Divisions Unlimited recognizes the client’s need to maximize their homes to suit their lifestyle while remaining in a cherished location. Insight, innovation and a ceaseless professional working model are key components that set Divisions Unlimited apart. With a diverse experience in traditional, contemporary and modern designs, new work is blended with the old, creating a seamless final product. The transition period during every home improvement is made with ease. For more than twenty years, Divisions Unlimited has helped clients ease through the metamorphosis of changing an older property into a magnificent home.

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