Bathroom Remodeling

“We had a thoroughly positive experience with Roger Martin (Divisions Unlimited Inc. – Home Remodeling) and are very pleased with the final results of his work. We enjoyed his cheerful, quiet presence and appreciated his professional thoroughness and understanding of our color and aesthetic choices. Would definitely recommend.”Nina S. , Needham, MA

As one of the most often used rooms in your home, your bathroom should receive top priority when planning a home improvement project. Bathroom designs, and the remodeling procedure itself, should be well-planned and professionally executed. Anyone planning a bathroom remodeling project will enjoy a significant return on investment if selling, or the reward of an striking, multi functional space that provides an oasis in a well-loved home. From common use half baths to shared bathrooms and private master suites, there are several types of bathroom designs to choose from.

Updating old-fashioned bathroom designs should always begin with a plan. There are numerous details to examine before proceeding with any new construction. Whether you’re replacing a counter top, entire vanity, or bathtub, or redoing an entire bathroom, this type of home improvement is most successful when planned meticulously. Remodeling a bathroom in a long-term home should begin with an overview of how, exactly, the bathroom is used-a question your professional team will need to know. Much like kitchen remodeling, the result should be one that best suits homeowners’ needs. Consider how the space is used, what aspects of the bathroom need changes, and the impact of any future needs such as a growing family.

When formulating a plan for a home improvement such as bathroom remodel, a budget or cost should be established, if there is a limit. Consider the return on your investment if selling, and the longevity and function of materials you choose. Flipping though magazines, browsing the internet and talking to your contractor are great ways of discovering cutting-edge ideas. Modern day bathroom remodeling has come a very long way. Myriad new products, quality materials and leading-edge bathroom designs allow any bathroom to be transformed into a personal retreat. Another advantage to successfully completed bathroom ideas is the substantial value added to your home.

Depending on which bathroom in your home will be your next home remodel, there are several questions to ask yourself to effectively communicate with your remodeling contractor. Are you looking for a practical design with a simple aesthetic? Do your desires include a spa-like ambience for the ultimate in relaxation? Do you require extra storage or more space incorporated into your new bathroom design? These, and many other questions are keys to a final product ideal for your specific living situation and needs.

Divisions Unlimited home improvement team also offers the added advantage of vast experience with layout design, structural changes and building code requirements, aspects that can make any bathroom remodeling project a potential time bomb if not handled professionally. The Divisions Unlimited remodeling team are innovative, creative, and professional forces in the home improvement sector. From A to Z, ideas are conceived and then achieved with optimum results. Divisions Unlimited will spearhead your project, create an effective plan and execute it with minimal disruption, creating an impressive and personalized end result to suit every taste.

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