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Practical Tips for Remodeling in Massachusetts - Before Signing that Contract

Just before the real estate bubble burst which initiated the downhill decline of the economy and the current financial meltdown, people have been buying properties left and right as much as they can get their hands on. With the economy still in shambles, the nation is yet to feel the impact of the stimulus package in alleviating a nation that is beset with a record number of foreclosures never before seen since the days of the Great Depression. With such a state of the nation, homeowners are thinking twice before buying a new property or home, and many have opted to remodel or renovate instead.

The current state of the economy is being taken advantage by unscrupulous individuals who want to earn quick money at the expense of unknowing homeowners just wanting to improve on how their house would look. Such work of these unscrupulous individuals involve haphazard remodeling in Massachusetts jobs that would end up costing more than what the original quote have indicated. On extreme cases, thousands of dollars have already exchanged hands between homeowner and contractor, and then the homeowner would later find out that the contractor have long escaped leaving the work unfinished.

Before signing in a contract, the homeowner should first make these important considerations to guide and help them from making costly mistakes in the selection process for a contractor and other things that may be required.

1.  Conduct an Extensive Contractor Search

When getting bids for home remodeling in Massachusetts project from contractors, make sure that you have a minimum of three distinct contractors vying for the project. A contractor with a legitimate business would have no qualms in providing you with a listing of their previous clients including their contact numbers. Part of the selection process is to ask these previous clients a set of questions that will guide you in the selection process. These questions include:

  • 1. Was the contractor able to complete the project on time?
  • 2. Were they, as customers, satisfied the work quality rendered?
  • 3. Are the people from the contractor's company courteous, responsible and professional?
  • 4. Did the contractors maintain full security of the home during construction work?
  • 5. Was the contractor present during the course of the remodeling in Massachusetts work? 6. Or were subcontractors walking through your home with out direction?
  • 7. Was the cost incurred bigger than what was given in the quotation and scope of work.

To boost your research work with these contractors bidding for your remodeling in Massachusetts project, you can seek the help of the Massachusetts State Licensing Board as well as your local Better Business Bureau to inquire about the track record and performance history of a particular contractor bidding for the project. Note down complaints filed against them if any and be aware of contractors with several complaints filed against them. It would be advisable to stay clear of such contractors.

2.  Preparation of Your Contract

After you have talked to the references provided by the contractors through the bids they have provided, and made a background check of the contractors through your local agencies, it would be time to write up a contract. The obligations of the builder should be clearly stated, as well as the payment schedules that the homeowner should pay for their services. Payments should be made in increments so be aware of unscrupulous individuals posing as contractors who will demand for a full payment right from the start.

3.  Before Signing the Contract

It pays to read the elements and content of a contract from end to end, go through all pertinent details as well other items of concern. As an added protection, you may want to have the contract read by an attorney to help you with the legal aspect before signing.

Certain delays and issues can occur than can affect the way your home remodeling Massachusetts is heading to. With careful planning and research, all these snags and issues would all be things of the past.

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