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To Remodel in Boston or to Rebuild

It may be unknown for new residents of Boston or it would be improbable for them to think that the city was in a state of decline during the early to mid 20th century. Factories that have flourished became old and obsolete during that time that businesses decided to move to other states in search of greener pastures. How did the city rebound from such a predicament? This started in 1957 with the direction and guidance of the Boston Redevelopment Authority or the BRA, which initiated urban renewal projects and started remodeling and rebuilding works all throughout the city. The results of this endeavor finally bore fruit during the 1970s when the city's economy boomed and continued its uphill climb and eventually resulted in Boston becoming one of the nation's technological, political and intellectual centers.

Those moves to rebuild and remodel in Boston brought the city from a struggling entity into a strong economic power that leads the country in several industries and technologies. This should give some sort of inspiration to homeowners planning to rebuild or to remodel in Boston for their homes and properties and give it a fresh new look. The only question that homeowners would ask themselves is whether they should proceed with remodeling existing structures or to totally demolish and remove them then rebuild  new.

Money usually would not be an issue as people planning such endeavors would access to funds to support their projects.  However, due to the current state of the economy that the nation is facing right now it seems wiser to select between rebuilding or remodeling based on costs avantages. The following are some insights that homeowners should consider before selecting their final plan of action.

* Consider your location

Before planning to rebuild or to remodel in Boston, a homeowner should first realize how strategic the location of their lot is. The house might be sitting on a real estate diamond mine and the homeowner might not even realize it. A classic example is a house that a homeowner bought for a low investment in a lot with a waterfront view. This could be in the homeowner's favor if he could fix up the home and enhance the way it would appear with respect to the location and double, maybe even quadruple the home value.

* Consider you space requirements

An important part to consider when trying deciding if you are to remodel in Boston or to completely rebuild the house is the space requirements that you or your family will need. It would be best to try and plan for the potential growth of your family’s future needs, according to building expert Roger Martin from Divisions Unlimited Inc. – Custom Homebuilders. You may decide that a simple remodeling project would be sufficient or see the need of expanding into an existing room or two. However, if you believe that you would need more floor space, then it would be a wise decision to rebuild the house to a much larger design or to cap off the roof and add another floor.

* Consider the state of the existing property or structure

One of the main concerns that remodelers would face, particularly if the work would involve several custom jobs and requirements, is the state or condition of the existing structure. Ask your builders to make a clear assessment as to the actual conditions of the home. Some remodeling jobs may not be possible if the existing framework is not capable enough of supporting any expansion or remodeling work. Another important thing to consider here is the condition of the existing foundations of the house or structure. There might be some cracks, damages and deformations that will put the structural integrity of the home in question.

To remodel in Boston is a good investment that will definitely increase the value of the home, whether your intention is to stay there for a prolonged period of time or if you are planning to sell the house later on. However, it would be important to make some wise considerations before committing to action so you can get the best results as possible for your project.

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