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Kitchen Remodeling: A step by step approach to perfecting your kitchen remodeling plans.

Boston based Divisions Unlimited Inc well understands that every home’s kitchen is a natural gathering space where quality time coupled with healthy food nurture the family foundation. Indulging in healthy food and fostering meaningful conversation is a way for you and your family to bond. Home improvements, such as a kitchen remodeling endeavor, can easily maximize the time you have to spend with your loved ones while utilizing an efficient design, making daily life more manageable. With Divisions Unlimited Inc.’s green design build process used in your major home remodeling projects, your kitchen will be transformed into an enjoyable, comfortable and beautiful space that adds distinction to your life.

After assessing your family’s needs, the next step in kitchen remodeling is to put pen to paper and plan your kitchen design. Our professional team at Divisions Unlimited Inc. provides the expertise needed in order for our clients to formulate a personalized design, choose quality materials and follow through the entire process with superior workmanship. Divisions Unlimited Inc., Boston home builders and home remodel experts save you money by streamlining the design build process, assessing any potential problem areas and suggesting certain kitchen design tips that can make a world of difference in your day to day kitchen experience.

Green building is becoming the standard in many home improvements and we at Divisions Unlimited Inc. recognize our clients needs for modern, earth-friendly homes. Green design build processes are a major part of many home remodeling designs. Planning a kitchen remodeling project using green design, together with some of the top kitchen design tips creates an attractive space that will stand the test of time. Just like bathroom remodeling, a new kitchen or kitchen remodel can be executed with plenty of environmentally sound designs. Green building is an excellent alternative to older kitchen design techniques that may not take advantage of green-worthy opportunities available today. We are happy to provide quality craftsmanship throughout any green building project and can suggest numerous environmentally friendly building techniques and designs.

Green focused home improvements help nurture and sustain the planet and give you the peace of mind that your home environment is the healthiest it can be. Some eco-friendly kitchen remodeling designs include using a beautiful, mildew-resistant cork or bamboo wood for your flooring needs, recycled, reclaimed or bamboo wood cabinets, coloring walls and cabinets with earth-friendly, toxin-free household paints, and utilizing as much natural light as possible in your design, which greatly reduces the use of indoor bulbs. Your home remodeling project can also include recycled stone worktops, which are easy to clean, hygienic and can be seamlessly modeled around your sink to create a beautiful, uninterrupted finish. If a natural wooden worktop is desired, be sure it includes a Forest Stewardship Council rating, insuring the material comes from an environmentally sustainable source.

With a specific kitchen home remodeling project, you’ll want to stick to a few kitchen design standards while still considering unique and green building design aspects that will add your own personal touch to your kitchen. Considering the flow of your kitchen in respect to the other areas of your home is a major facet that, if overlooked, can create tremendous awkwardness in your home. Another basic kitchen remodeling design tip is to keep your sink positioned between your fridge and stove to maximize the flow within the kitchen. A lazy Susan is another simple invention that can transform a potentially waster corner unit into a fully functioning space ideal for storage. Sticking to some basics in your bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodel project, branching out into your own unique style and adding green building design elements are a combination that will yield a magnificent kitchen that is both dazzling and functional.

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