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Things to Consider for a Bathroom Remodeling in MA Project

Unless you are living alone, one of the few places in a home where you can be all alone and really be yourself is the bathroom. This is why bathrooms should be stress-free areas, really comfortable, and just be what you want it to be. This is why many homeowners in Massachusetts who are foregoing a total renovation in their homes are going for a bathroom remodeling in MA project first before proceeding with other renovation plans in other parts of the house.

Whether you are a little tight on the budget or simply pacing your renovation plans for the whole house and just starting out in this area of your abode, a bathroom remodeling MA project can be more manageable in keeping up with the latest trends in design and home d├ęcor. If this is the direction you would want to take, expert custom builders from Divisions Unlimited Incorporated suggests that you choose designers and contractors who are in-tune or are aware of the latest trends in the industry and have experience in working in various styles and themes. Some of these trends include inclinations towards the use of two sinks, which separates the toilet area of the bathroom completely from the bath section. Another popular trend in bathroom remodeling is the tub-cum-shower style wherein a bathtub also serves as the shower section.

Aside from style and trends, there are other considerations that a homeowner should take should he plans to undergo a bathroom remodeling in MA project. The following are some of these considerations:

1.  Safety and comfort is a very important consideration in a bathroom aside from style and trends. The bathroom contains several electronic and electric gadgets that are used everyday so it is very imperative that safety precautions are put in place. Such precautions and safety measures include:

  • A flooring surface that is non-slip
  • The electrical devices and controls should have a ground or fault circuit interrupter
  • There should be no electrical switches located near the shower or the tub
  • The shower should be equipped with water control valves that have a temperature regulator and have a pressure balancer

2.  Gone are the days when available wall tiles are the outdated 4x4 white ceramics. New tiles have glazed features that are less moisture absorbing thus they are less susceptible to molds and mildew. These tiles are more durable against water damage. These tiles come in larger sizes like the 8x13 inch type or bigger, and comes in a variety of colors and designs to suit your taste and selected theme. These tiles also come with matching border tiles which you can use as a separation between the wall tiles and the painted upper walls, should you decide on a split design.

3.  Choose non-slip floor tiles for safety purposes in lighter colors. The lighter shade can create an increased-space effect, much more if you will use 12x12 sized tiles installed diagonally.

4.  In a modern bathroom remodeling MA project, it would be a great addition to consider the use of a heated floor. It can give you much more added comfort as well as an increase in the intrinsic value of the house should you decide on selling it later.

5.  You can customize your vanity counters with a marble or granite top with floating designs that do not even touch the floor. This would be a great deviation from the standard, and ordinary looking, ceramic vanity sets.

6.  Change your faucets and fixtures with stylish and modern designs that will complement well with your walls and counters. Match these with a stylish toilet with added fixtures like a bidet and a more water-conserving tank.

7.  Lastly, forego use of overhead lighting and make use of the softer and more comfortable wall lights.

A bathroom remodeling MA project would entail careful planning as well as several considerations so you can get your target done. The key thing here is to rely on your taste and to keep in mind that you are creating something peaceful, comfortable and yet functional for you and your family.

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